Marc E. Christopher

Managing Attorney/Owner

I am inspired by the immigrant’s story. Every day I witness the courage, resourcefulness and love exhibited by my clients as they seek to make their life in the United States. I consider it an honor to be part of their journey.


Eloisa and I created our firm with little more than a desire to use our skills to fight for justice in the immigrant community. We had one goal, passionately advocate for our clients, while treating everyone, including our opponents, with respect, honesty and integrity. So, armed only with a dream, and two babies at home, we launched our firm—on a shoestring. Less than ten years later we have successfully represented clients before State Supreme Courts, Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals, State Courts of Appeals, in addition to obtaining successful verdicts on dozens of jury trials, all while helping countless individuals become Permanent Residents and US citizens. Our success at the appellate level has changed the law for the better, our dedication to our clients, hopefully changes their lives for the better.


No attorney can ever promise an outcome. I cannot change the facts or the law. But, my promise to every client is to use all my skill and knowledge to get the best result I can.

Eloisa De León



Ingrid Fernandez

Political and International Relations Specialist


Karen Muñoz

Executive Legal Assistant


Irma Nayeli Rondin Valle

Immigration Paralegal


Kimberly Roman

Executive Assistant


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