Immigration Law Testimonials

Facundo, Indiana

Since the moment I retained Marc's legal services, I knew I made the right choice. My immigration case was very complicated,
and it dates back to 2009. Through my many court dates, Marc was always there. He fought for my case, and never gave up. If somebody would've told me
4 years ago, that I would get my greencard, I would've laughed out loud, but he did the impossible.
Marc was able to resolve all my immigration issues and, as a result of all his hard work, I was able to obtain
my Permanent Resident status. I highly recommend Marc and his legal team, and believe they are one of the best teams in the country.
I, my family, friends, and co workers cannot thank you enough, Marc.

Nareesh, Milwaukee

On and off for a total of 13 years I have seen and paid to numerous immigration attorneys in 3 different states regarding an immigration matter. Everywhere got nothing but disappointment and pessimism. 

We discussed the case with Marc, he explained the bookish law (which everyone else did too) but he looked at both sides of the coin. We saw a hope, optimism and we went ahead with Marc. My family member has her green card now. He always replies back to your emails and phone calls, much like a good friend.
Thank you Marc

Becky, California

My husband and I have been working with Marc since we got married in 2010. Marc has advised us the best route to take with the least amount of stress and risk. My husband was granted DACA and will be submitting his adjustment of status paperwork within the next month. We live in California and Marc, and Eloisa (his wife who is also an Attorney) are based in Milwaukee, WI. Yes, there are Attorneys here in California we could have worked with. But after many (paid) consultations, we found none offered what Marc has provided, genuine care and concern. Marc's staff is also incredible, especially Karen who I have spoken to and emailed too many times to count. Legal services can be expensive, but I feel that Marc's rates are always reasonable, even on the low side based on the type of service you are provided. Unfortunately, there are many people in the immigration law arena who are unethical and even frauds. In my opinion, it is always best to go with a professional who knows the law and Marc has proven to our family that he is that and more.

Tan, Waukesha, WI

I've hired Marc for immigration law to start. I was really impressed with him and Eloisa, his wife (who is also an attorney and a partner in their firm), that I retained him right away without thinking it over. Marc then jumped and went to work right away (literally).
Then he was not only excellent and knowledgeable in immigration law, he was also excellent in criminal law. He reopened my case and got my initial charge dropped (which my previous lawyer couldn't do nor didn't want me to go to trial even I was not guilty of it) to a DC. He was aggressive in court towards the DA who tried to accuse me of something else (no new charge). Then afterwards, he stuffed it to my P.O. (the guy was a jerk, and he thinks he is above the law since he's Waukesha PO), and made him take the hold off me.  
I really trusted Marc and his firm from the start. Not that he did his job well, he's passionate, funny and personable. He's there for us 24/7, and it's rare for me to find that in a lawyer nowadays. Thanks Marc and Eloisa. I'm sure I will keep in touch with you, not for legals work, but rather I owed you.

Sandra, Whitewater, WI

After paying hundreds of dollars in consulations with over 6 lawyers in Milwaukee and Chicago regarding my husband's immigration matter, I finally called Mr. Christopher. He answered his phone at 10p.m. The fact that I reached him directly suprised me. I talked to him for almost an hour. All the other lawyers told me my case was either too complicated or my husband had no hope. Mr. Christopher didn't promise us anything but he took my case at a reasonable price. Today, I'm happy to say that my family is united again. I'm so happy I called him. He is the best and forever grateful to him.

Elena, Milwaukee, WI

Marc is not only hardworking but he knows what he is talking about. His attention is 100% on you when you meet with him. During the most difficult time in my life he fought hard for me and made every step simple for me which was so important as it was hard enough when you are going through difficult Times. I trust him and he is simply the best immigration law attorney!

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