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Seasoned Law Experts Who Care for Every Immigrant

Christopher Law is a trusted company for comprehensive solutions to immigrant cases. We specialize in family immigration and criminal and deportation defense. With our legal expertise, you and your loved ones can start a new life in the U.S.

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Marc E. Christopher

Managing Attorney/Owner

I am inspired by immigrants’ stories. Every day, I witness my clients’ courage, resourcefulness, and love as they seek to make their life in the United States. I consider it an honor to be part of their journey.

Eloisa and I created our firm to use our skills and fight for justice in the immigrant community. Our one goal is to passionately advocate for our clients while treating everyone, including our opponents, with respect, honesty, and integrity.

So, armed only with a dream and two babies at home, we launched our law firm on a shoestring. Less than ten years later, our team represented clients before State Supreme Courts, Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals, and State Courts of Appeals.

Additionally, we have obtained successful verdict on many jury trials and helped individuals become Permanent Residents and US citizens. Our success at the appellate level has changed the law and hopefully our clients’ lives for the better.

No attorney can ever promise an outcome. I cannot change the facts of the law. However, I promise every client to use all my skills and knowledge to get the best results that I can.

Eloisa De León


As a lawyer and proud daughter of immigrant parents, my professional and personal experiences gives me the drive and desire, even when it is hard, to provide my clients with the best opportunities for success in their case. My diverse legal experience as a former Assistant City Attorney, Municipal Court Commissioner, and legal counsel for the largest school system in Wisconsin, allows me to discover the fine details that can help strengthen a case for our clients by applying those skills in my immigration work. We also want to keep our clients and immigrant community informed so we frequently appear on news broadcasts and social media to share valuable information on immigration topics.
My goal is to help families stay united and to help immigrant families navigate through what is considered by many a complex legal process. I have personally been through the process with my parents and relatives and have first-hand knowledge of the experience of sitting in the chair as a client myself.
As a mother of two children myself, I understand that it takes strength and courage to be in the seat of a client—and that's why I want to provide our clients with the highest professional service that carries along with it the highest ethical standards. We are transparent from the start and empower our clients with knowledge. I am proud of our legal team and our work and I would honored to serve as your attorney.


Political and International Relations Specialist

In 2021, I had the wonderful opportunity to join Christopher Law and continue helping and serving the community. Like Marc and Eloisa, my mission is to assist clients in a personal and close experience and connect to their needs with deep empathy.

I was born in Mexico City and raised in the cities of Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico. I earned my law degree from the Law School of University UNIVA in Guadalajara, specializing in international affairs and public administration.

Moreover, I hold a Master’s Degree in Political Communication and Strategic Governance from The George Washington University. I also have a certification on U.S. Criminal Procedures and Immigration Law from the James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona.

For over 23 years, I gained experience practicing International and Mexican Law. I have been assisting migrants in the past 14 years through the following roles:
• Director at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ General Direction for Protection of Mexicans Abroad
• Consul for Protection and Legal Affairs at the Consulate of Mexico in Milwaukee

Henry Ford quoted in the 1920s, “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from his angle as well as your own.”

Similarly, we at Christopher Law put ourselves in our immigrant clients’ shoes.

Irma Nayeli Zavala

Immigration Paralegal

I graduated from Mount Mary with a major in International Studies and Spanish, and a minor in Anthropology/Sociology. As a fluent speaker of Spanish and English, I assist in the preparation of packets and interpreting during interviews with USCIS.

I joined Christopher Law in April of 2018. Prior to that, I worked as a volunteer for an Immigrant and Worker’s Rights organization for over 5 years.

My passion for social justice issues and immigration has always guided me to work within organizations and companies that put the client first. That way, they empower the community that they serve, and Christopher Law’s ethics and approach achieve that.

The immigration process can be confusing and intimidating to most people. This is why I’m dedicated to facilitating the process for our clients in any way that I can.

Our overall goal is for everyone to leave our office with a better understanding of immigration law and how it applies to their case.

Kimberly Roman

Executive Assistant

Kimberly Roman
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Managing Attorney

Kimberly is an extraordinary professional who provides our clients with exceptional customer service when they call our office. She is helpful, informative and will make sure our highest standards of client communications are exceeded in every call. Kimberly excudes kindess, compassion and service in every call.

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