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Turn to us at Christopher Law for superb immigration legal aid. We handle cases in family immigration, criminal defense, and deportation defense. Our law firm offers our services to clients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and across the globe.

Christopher Law
Christopher Law

Strategy Sessions

Immigration law is a complex system. Think of an immigration case as a puzzle where every piece must fit perfectly. One missing or misplaced piece can result in denial or a long delay. These cases are won or lost because of the smallest of details.

To address that, we conduct an initial strategy session for $150. We will go into great detail about your immigration and family history. So, you must promise to be prepared and honest, and you can trust us to do the same.

Also, you may notice that we call it a “strategy session” instead of “consultation.” This is because there are multiple ways to achieve your goal. We will discuss feasible options and the pros and cons of each to help you decide on the best path for yourself.

Transparent Services

Most sessions last about an hour as immigration cases cannot be evaluated in a few minutes. It takes time to learn your story and to explain how the law will impact your life. After all, immigration law isn’t “one call” is not “all” like in personal injury law.

If you retain us for future legal services, we will credit your $150 toward your overall fee. However, if there is nothing we can do at this time, we will inform you upfront.

Our team will also keep your information in our file. This way, we will be able to re-evaluate your situation should any change occur in the law or in your personal circumstances.

At a minimum, you will walk out of our office having a complete and accurate understanding of your immigration case.

Christopher Law
Christopher Law

Convenient Process

You can set your initial strategy session by phone or email. Our intake specialists will ask about your background and the kind of issue you have. They will request you to provide necessary documents prior to your appointment.

We try to learn as much as we can about your case before we meet so that we can be productive during your session. Our team can also conduct the session in person, by telephone, or through video conferences like Zoom and Facetime.

Please take note that you will be asked to pay the fee upon scheduling as well.

Christopher Law

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